Trends Shaping Futuristic Personalization in e-commerce

Online shopping is consistently evolving with more buyers, sellers, and storefronts - with cutting-edge innovation across the marketplaces. Market surveys have indicated improved personalization and never-before levels of customer satisfaction across e-commerce categories and online retail touch-points.

Digital Marketing Platforms

With a greater focus on building robust systems and intuitive business platforms for delivering omni-channel customer experience, big e-commerce players have consistently innovated to improve the bulk of e-commerce services best to the desires and aspirations of the modern-day e-commerce customer. It also enabled them to scale up their technical prowess to capitalize on tech-driven methodologies – thereby enhancing customer satisfaction along with long-term value-addition.

Delightful Shopping Experience

Online retailers ensured they offered seamless experience across devices and architectures – as people became comfortable choosing their favorite platforms. Meanwhile, marketers make sure that customers have a memorable purchase as well as after-sales experiences. Sellers now prefer setting up e-commerce channels or marketplace for luxury product categories such as cars – which has added a new element to the personalization element for the elite class of customers.

Full-Cycle Digitization of e-commerce Landscape

Personalization and customer engagement play significant roles as new-age customers shop across buying platforms and sellers scramble to reach the maximum number of potential buyers. Artificial Intelligence will also help sellers place Contextual advertising and Program-driven advertising – both focused at personalized ads. All of this will get a boost from several critical success factors.

  • Emergence of third-party ‘marketplaces’ rather than stand-alone e-commerce stores.
  • Improvement of after-sales deliverables with scope to address recurring customer queries.
  • Instant buying driven by in-app advertisements featuring personalized video commercials.
  • Dumping traditional payment methods by integrating open banking for real-time transactions.
  • Offering end-users more control over what and how online personal data-sharing is governed
  • Automated purchase recommendations, product cataloging, and aligned inventory functions.

Repeat Purchases and Consumption

Large online retailers have introduced some spectacular brands and added few attractive labels in the two years, point industry experts. Digital customers have thus reaffirmed their loyalty in terms of repeat buying or expression of interest in different brands from the same seller or trader. It also meant buyers were also keen on experimenting with something new from the comfort of their homes – as shopping across key brands is now possible at the click of a button.

E-commerce in the Pandemic and beyond

With safety protocols in place across most countries, the e-commerce activity will scale up with highly personalized products and services. Even after the pandemic retreats, the buying behavior will remain the same. For instance, customers will continue festive online buying and repeat purchases of items. It will serve as a transforming catalyst for the internet-driven commercial activity, consolidate buyer-supplier systems, and add the potential for accelerated revenue at each point of pick-up or transaction.

The Engro ‘Digital’ Edge

The online marketplace of today emphasizes customer satisfaction – thereby tailoring to specific buyer segments. To accomplish this, e-commerce players customize their offerings across age groups, different income classes, and similar relevant demographics. While users can perceive a typical storefront, marketers can look up to Engro to keep up with an evolving look and feel of a specific brand on the digital storefront - in line with changing needs of the customer. It also calls for a keen eye for detail, greater creativity, and cutting-edge design thinking that we excel at.

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