End to end OTT offerings

A wide range of on-demand content options has raised the interest of OTT vendor platforms and content providers alike. It becomes essential than ever to build brand awareness with powerful messages, automated promotions, and in-app advertising. Identifying target segments and niche-level preferences help determine feasibility and ultimately work around the best-fit model targeted at a potential OTT customer base.

The Next-Gen OTT Platforms

As the millennial chunk of viewers sees the streaming platforms as the go-to choice for entertainment, market players are shifting their focus from conventional set-top boxes to safe, consistent, and seamlessly accessible on-demand video choices and a range of flicks over the internet. A variety of genres to choose from, powered by robust platforms that could capitalize on the 5G network, will benefit OTT players by value and volume.

Engage with full-cycle OTT Services to deliver customers added value across on-demand streaming options.

  • Enhanced video streaming with high-end encoders and compatible network protocols
  • Reimagine security with Advanced Encryption Standards(ADS) to regulate content delivery
  • Leverage search-driven suggestions to personalize results based on user preferences
  • Server utilization and resource management for handling an influx of viewers for live shows
  • Real-time multi-device Management, P2P Engine, Stream Queuing & Caching, and more!

With unique and unrivaled expertise, Engro engages partners, stakeholders, and viewers with world-class OTT offerings. With a strategic vision, experience the advantage of rapid time-to-market, boost revenues with monetization, and simplify complex streaming options for the next-gen experience.

Video Management:Realign multi-lingual episodes across custom players and regional viewing options

Analytics:Powerful dashboards delivering real-time analytics across that drive key actionable insights

Platform-Agnostic:Cross-device & multi-platform interoperable Settings for seamless user experience

Marketing Automation:Integrate enterprise CRM to drive campaigns towards long-term customer retention

Social Platforms:Unlock the potential of native distribution of content across social channels or apps with APIs

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