To build a platform to enable users in the same locality to communicate, buy or sell and do business in the locality or in the subscribed localities, complaint together to a government office and share the pictures and videos among the same locality or subscribed localities.


  • Need a platform which is highly scalable to handle very large number of users.
  • Each user has multiple users as friends and can subscribe to multiple localities and can contact multiple business and that makes the relationship between the entities very complex to present.


  • Relationships between the entities are handled using Graph Database – OrientDB, that can retrieve billions of records within seconds.
  • Microservice based architecture provides high scalability with zero downtime.
  • OrientDB and MongoDB backed databases for supporting data up to petabytes.
  • Subscription based locality services for communication, complaints, selling and buying businesses.
  • Rule based engine that controls the feeds and posts that can be limited to a locality.

Technology Used

  • Server – NodeJS, Orient DB, Mongo DB, ReactJS, AWS Services.