Case Study: Elastic Search Migration

Elastic Search Migration
Elastic Search Migration


Migrate Mongo DB to Elasticsearch for providing search capability to OTT Platforms.


  • Migrate the 2.5 million records of data from Mongo database to Elasticsearch database.
  • Provide better search results than existing implementation with Solr.
  • Provide Phonic based search results


  • Using Transporter utility and custom scripts, able to migrate 2.5 million records of Mongo data to Elasticsearch.
  • Auto synchronization between Mongo DB and Elasticsearch for delta records.
  • Phonetic based search results.
  • Searches based on language.
  • Search results in less than 0.5 seconds.
  • Logstash integration for importing data from other sources.

Technology Used

  • Server – NodeJS, Orient DB, Mongo DB, ReactJS, AWS Services.
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