Case Study: Microservices with Elasticsearch

Microservices and Elasticsearch
Microservices and Elasticsearch


This platform is to reduce the operations of Elasticsearch to consumers and provide a robust API for complex operations like aggregations, complex searches, getting data on various filters. The API is used in web and mobile applications.


  • Build a Robust API on top of AWS Elasticsearch with Native API queries.
  • Complex aggregations and filters should be mapped seamlessly.
  • Fetch results from multiple search indices.


  • Built robust API using AWS API Gateway and implemented Elasticsearch related business logic in lambda using Elasticsearch HTTP API and native API.
  • Since lambda is serverless it can hold more load within the limits. Implemented security policies on API gateway and authorizers to validate the origin of request to allow access to data sources.
  • Reduced Complexity of Elasticsearch API implementation directly on the servers implemented easily consumable services on top of elastic search.

Technology Used

  • Server – NodeJS, Orient DB, Mongo DB, ReactJS, AWS Services.
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