Case Study: XMS Dashboard

XMS Dashboard
XMS Dashboard


XMS is an application which acts as a common platform which enables users to control any Web or mobile application content, analytics and also provides an ability to generate reports along with role management.


Every application main aim is to be dynamic where every aspect regarding images on the application to content need to be controlled easily. So to achieve this we need following

  • Need a UI platform which enables user to control the content and functioning of a Web/Mobile application.
  • Need to be adaptable such that the code can be reused for development of CMS for various Mobile/Web application platforms.
  • Ability to support role management where customized roles can be created.


  • Developed a platform named XMS which follows simple understandable UI structure.
  • Provided an interface where a XMS user can perform all CRUD operations such as add, Edit, update and delete the content.
  • Also provided role management access where customized roles can be created where an option is provided to enable specific customized permission for each module.
  • The API’s and UI of the platform are reusable and independent.
  • Ability to generate various analytical reports.

Technology Used

  • Golang for API development
  • React JS for UI interface
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