Cloud Security

Cloud Security Services

A well-placed Cloud Security strategy – in spirit and action – guarantees information security and eliminates risk across data update, storage, and retrieval touch-points across the cloud. Our Cloud Security experts can understand your existing infrastructure and underlying capabilities in terms of protecting critical data and securing vital organizational as well as external data entities.

Cloud Security Services

Cloud Security Planning

As businesses use diverse platforms that regulate and access enterprise or internal data – as well as that of customers – we emphasize the significance of planning around Cloud Security that can seamlessly liaise between hardware, software as well as all associated components and end-points. At the physical layer or level, our cloud experts ensure viable device-level security with modern encryption needs. These measures also confirm with enforcing stringent Cloud Security protocols.

Cloud Security: Holistic View

With a plethora of risks and the advent of automated cyberspace attacks, it is crucial to enforce cloud security protocols that can offset the threats at the root. We approach Cloud Security with a holistic view – to make you derive the value of Cloud Security while embracing viable network infrastructure options at your disposal. It all comes with a keen eye on parameters such as performance, efficiency, flexibility, and scalability down the line.

  • Enhanced for authorizing firewall strength and underlying user-level security encryptions
  • Consistency in uptime for business network and data without compromising cloud security
  • Best Practices to curb data leaks or code vulnerabilities unattended in real-time scenarios
  • Timely reports for administrators and Cloud Security experts for maintenance plans and actions
  • Automated Cloud Security detection and defense against varied malicious attacks and breaches

Cloud Security Implementation

As enterprises buckle with changing market needs and the dynamics of security provisions against prevailing requirements, the emphasis is on a strategic view towards implementation.

  • Cloud Thought Leadership:

    Even if CIOs have a big say about security infrastructure for clod, it is becoming essential for certain security-conscious players to act or implement a feasible plan on individual cloud security spends in consultation with the Board of Directors.

  • Cloud Security Collaboration:

    An iterative approach is essential to cloud security even well before setting up and activating cloud accounts. It helps decide on shared operating models for security with the concerned provider, helping across the spectrum of Cloud Services.

Cloud Security Consulting

Secure Cloud Development

Engro Cloud Security consultants and experts are well-aware of standardized benchmarks around Cloud Security. These standards reside under the purview of cyber security norms developed by concerned bodies – such as the Center for Internet Security (CIS) which has well-defined L1 and L2 security hierarchy in place.

Benchmarking Cloud Security

The L1 protocol ensures basic system-level security configuration to ensure zero interruption (L1); followed by defining a cloud environment with minimal interruption in functionality (L2).

Cloud Security Deployment

For a wide variety of significant security protocols, enterprises are looking at a plethora of efficient back-end controls that drive cyber-security needs. This is implemented by choosing an archetype that matches with workloads at functional units and diverse needs at process-level or workflow-specific – be it explicitly internal or external – security needs. Engro has thus committed to serving clients with their essential Cloud Security Deployment that follows effective Cloud Consulting processes.

Secure Cloud Development

Engro Securing your Cloud

With a resourceful competency in cloud infrastructure management armed with essential know-how in nuances of Cloud Security, we ensure we keep with latest trends in threat protection and malicious code detection early on -across public, private, and even hybrid cloud networks. Along with consistent support and coordination, we build long-term relationships with clients’ internal teams to understand the specific security needs of the architecture on the path to deployment and configuration of regular Cloud Security enhancements down the line.

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