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Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves the development of code to help machines learn and self-reason based on the quantum of actionable data. These systems can ideally collate available information towards handling complex tasks or making real-time business decisions. A comprehensive AI setup – including platform, components, architecture, and the underlying codebase framework - usually involves leveraging different technologies to help machines think, act, and learn with human-like capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Automating with AI: The Functional Edge

AI can power and drive personalized offerings for the user. A well-scripted AI code can eliminate human intervention and help improve overall need-specific functionality as well as ultimate customer experiences.

Digital Assistants:Smartphones and new-age devices now use AI to offer a personalized experience. A conversational AI interface handles customer queries

Cyber-security:Intelligent programs to detect cyber threats well ahead of time – and identify where to offset or eliminate the risks with powerful algorithmic tools

Online Shopping:Based on previous purchase patterns and seasonal preference, AI engines recommend the most feasible choice at an online marketplace

Digital Translation:Real-time language translation tools are powered with AI to drive language detection, subtitling, and help with language-specific phonetics

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Unlock Data

Artificial Intelligence enables organizations to process large volumes of real-time data to decide on actions and apply intuitive what-if scenarios.

  • Execute a string of commands with logical if-then reasoning based on defined parameters
  • Applied models for predicting future results based on several choices of actionable items
  • Spot prevailing patterns among large data-sets to generate unique insights in the real-time
  • Intelligent scouring of enterprise data and refining the results to eliminate all redundant ones
  • Organizational leadership can effectively granulate functional data to finalize in-house strategy

Artificial Intelligence: Cognitive Capabilities

Cognitive capabilities lie in the interpretation of data – that follows the analysis of a vast amount of information. Algorithms can help leverage AI to replace human auditors. Global consulting firm Deloitte says the cognitive power of AI has helped extract quantitative specifications and numbers that matter in a contract. It has thereby automated audit document processing and audit management to the tune of 1oo% without the intervention of human auditors.

Artificial Intelligence: Specialized Types

As with any other technology, AI systems fall in three principal categories based specific cognitive capabilities:

  • 1. Narrow AI:

    A fundamental AI capability that firms are increasingly adopting by the day. Such systems can function close to the human brain identifying or zeroing in on the right choice – such as automated product recommendation for an online buyer.

  • 2. General AI:

    An ‘Artificial General AI’ encompasses the interconnection of thousands of narrow AI components that can communicate and get closest to human reasoning ability. AGI platforms such as IBM Watson can simulate a second of neural reasoning operation in about 40 minutes.

  • 3. Artificial Super Intelligence:

    Currently seen as fictitious or as feasible only in the long-term future, an ASI platform could surpass the barrier in terms of human emotions and discover the world beyond rational thinking. Such capabilities could create unimaginable scope for the real world.

Engro Innovate rapidly with AI

Artificial Intelligence has become the focal point of next-gen technology innovation. Our AI experts engage businesses to allow marginalizing operational risks and improve customer experiences by leveraging an ideal AI-driven business process model. With a track record of enabling transformation, we help you with enterprise-wide adoption of AI - across systems, processes, and functions. Our strategic thought leadership ensures commitment levels aligned with customer focus and a first-tech approach in building and delivering new-age technology solutions around Artificial Intelligence.

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