Data Analytics Services

Data Analytics Solutions

Data Analytics revolves around crunching business-critical numbers to derive useful information to build and apply strategic enterprise models, and support top-level decision making. With new Data Operations and Modernization techniques, businesses can develop operative scenarios and help increase ROI and profitability.

Data Analytics Solutions

Analytics: Empowering the Enterprise

Well-defined data models can build the ecosystem for letting users leverage predictive forecasting, graphical analytics, and convert powerful insights into action. We help build robust Data Analytics solutions around critical aligned capabilities, including but not limited to

  • 1. Data Modernization:

    We transform your data ecosystem by eliminating siloes towards a unified marketplace – pushing the boundaries of modern virtual shopping.

  • 2. Data Operations and Management:

    Building secure, consistent, and well-integrating data harmonization and data governance frameworks to ensure the availability of enterprise-level quality data.

  • 3. New-Age Automation:

    Data Analytics form the backbone of future-driven automation by enabling connected operations, smart manufacturing, and improving timeline for insights across business functions

  • Futuristic Implementation:

    We encourage developing systems that help your enterprise meet analytics needs in the future - without the need for disparate systems – under a unified solution.

Data Analytics: Enablers

Engro emphasizes on the ideal configuration of essential components and drivers that build a stable Data Analytics solution.

Data Elements:These can range from a simple spreadsheet to complex data repository items such as OLAP or HADOOP data matrices

Operating Models:Ramp up ideal teams and processes and key facilitators for rapid analytics-driven enterprise scenarios

Database Architecture: Meet current needs while scaling up for the future with enterprise-wide matrix analytics capabilities

Sustainable Platforms:Analytics with Platform-agnostic tools to maximize data consistency and seamless interoperability

Analytics Benefits: Sustain and Scale

Fulfill fundamental analytics requirements for organizational collaboration and scale up as you grow. A feasible roadmap for leveraging Data Analytics will greatly improve turnaround time for insights and optimize the costs for individual deliverables.

  • 1. Enterprise Mobility:

    Collaborate and drive business decisions on the go. With powerful analytics tools around organizational data, top executives can analyze 360-degree functional-level feeds on their devices and instantly drill down to spot time-cost variations, production schedules, and extra outlays

  • 2. Self-Service Analytics:

    Generate free-flowing analytics and unleash the power of data visualization across the enterprise. With intuitive data analytics, end-users can drag-and-drop components, drill-down and extract performance with self-service interactive dashboards.

  • 3. Data Visualization:

    Line up raw data to churn powerful insights into finely-modeled – bars, bubbles, charts - visual inferences. Swift analytics and varied operations on data help enable your managers drive smart decision-making with intelligent outcomes to boost customer outreach and the revenues.

Sustainable Data Analytics at Engro

With next-gen innovation in perspective, along with the intrinsic needs of businesses looking to disrupt with innovative data-driven processes, Engro specializes in custom development, deployment, and continuous support. – in addition to analytics-driven strategy consulting that fulfills cores needs for real-time informed decision-making. Our teams understand the nuances of a tech-first approach combined with the technical feasibility to fulfill tomorrow's Data Analytics requirements.

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