B2C Marketing

B to C Marketing Services

B2C Marketing involves a dynamic process of selling products and services directly to the consumer – often leveraging digital channels. In principle, B2C identifies with businesses that would transact exclusively to end customers without the presence or participation of intermediaries.

B to C Marketing Services

B2C Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing professionals and domain experts emphasize certain crucial elements in driving and steering a successful B2C marketing strategy. Our approach in engaging B2C businesses relies on feasibility and realistic growth potential down the line.

  • 1. Mobile-first Strategy:

    Engro delivers B2C solutions with a holistic strategy, allowing your business to pursue an all-out mobile strategy from the outset. Leveraging PWAs (Progressive Apps), you can streamline and engage more prospects across the mobile and website at the same time.

  • 2. Personalize Connections:

    Plan and post content that reflects the brand and builds personalized connections with the consumer. Irrespective of blog articles or social media posts, effective content helps build brand consistency and improves the ultimate B2C experience.

  • 3. Re-target Ads:

    Based on the intended message and the measurement of expected vs. actual outcomes, B2C firms might re-assess campaigns over a time-period. It also serves the purpose of retrieving lost customers or enabling one-time visitors reconnect with the brand or label forgotten for a while.

  • 4. Introduce Freebies:

    Incentivize purchases with promos or gift coupons that are redeemable online at selected partner networks. It thereby adds value to a specific B2C offering while improving the credibility of the portfolio.

  • 5. Search Intent:

    Analytics tools help you zero in on the precise search intent of the prospect in real-time. For instance, a digital customer might be using Google Maps to search for Chinese food joints in the vicinity. Effective tracking would ideally help a B2C hotelier to cash in on the opportunity.

Social Media Channels for B2C Marketing

Examine the case of a B2C marketer offering online courses, thereby opening an Instagram account to channelize marketing efforts across the target audience. The social media channel with a regular pace of activity helps him identify genuine candidates for the designated course.

  • Develop a consistent hashtag that signifies your brand across all posts
  • Speak about online learning amid safety protocols owing to the pandemic
  • Build and share success stories around relevant online learning programs
  • Follow at least ten folks who scroll through or like posts instantly or regularly
  • Run contests or quizzes directed at followers over the Instagram channel

B2C and B2C: The Overlap

While experts have consistently underlined the marked differences between B2C and B2C Marketing functions, there comes a definite catch –areas of similarities; and identical behavior or action-items among each.

Brand Awareness:A vital indicator – whether it is B2C or B2B Marketing – is the level of brand awareness among the end-customers associated with omni-channel experiences

Product-Customer Touch-points: The similar set of conditions dictate whether your B2C or B2B marketplace could possibly switch to a different channel or realign touchpoints, introduce a new product, or just overhaul it.

Strategy Decision-Making:Whether it happens to be B2C Marketing or B2B marketing – the decision-making mostly depends on looking through the lens of the audience that helps determine the benefit or otherwise

Engro Driving B2C Platforms

With a pool of dedicated and specialized resources in crafting and implementing B2C campaigns, we excel in all the crucial areas – right from technology, platforms, and the underlying channels to reach the end customer. Our competency in helping businesses realize the outreach with extensive and powerful B2C tools driving strong partnerships, measuring outcomes of campaigns, engaging at relevant touchpoints, and associating with long-term goals for profiteering B2C marketplaces down the line. We are pleased to commit to a tech-first approach -delivering delight to customers and businesses alike.

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