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Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing is a promotional strategy that relies on algorithms and rankings of search engines to enable businesses to promote their brands and make revenues. A standard ad campaign might comprise several ad groups and keywords – each contributing to the revenue target in the making.


SEM Strategy

Ad networks help in implementing an effective SEM strategy. Based on the site analytics and the ad campaign in focus – Ad Words or Bing Ads can help run a well-executed campaign with a bundle of tools offered by the chosen ad network.

  • 1. Pay-Per-Click

    PPC applies when SEO is already working, but you want better results. As such, PPC and SEO can effectively sync with each other. An advertiser pays a publisher or website owner – or the associated ad network – in terms of the number of clicks.

    • Sign up for a Google Ads free Account to use for PPC
    • Set up and run the relevant PPC advertising campaign
    • The marketer only pays towards the views/clicks on ads
    • Make recommended changes based on ad effectiveness
  • 2. Local SEO

    For a business to feature in local SEO, it must be optimized to appear when users' search need is localized - a nearby gas station. The localized entry must be verified under the Google My Business listing. In addition, the business category ought to be aligned and relevant to appear in localized Google Map search results.

  • 3. Organic SEO

    For visibility through non-local and unpaid results, businesses choose organic SEO. On the other end, there is no revenue on clicks through the website. It largely depends on content and website architecture. In terms of display flexibility, experts see organic search results as the most preferred. Running ads for similar keywords such as those in organic traffic, you can also increase visibility through the non-organic route.

Search Marketing: Showcase Digital Brands

The complete gamut of Search Marketing activities aims at bringing visibility to your website based on the SERP rankings. While Local SEO improves targeted results for localized searches, organic SEO effectively helps move your specific digital showcase stack into the top page rankings.


Running SEO Keyword research and subsequent optimization based on those terms and then incorporating search engine marketing would bear desired results. SEO would focus mainly on organic outcomes, while the rest – such as ad campaigns, social media marketing, and pay-per-click) constitute the larger domain of Search Engine Marketing. For SEM campaigns, you can filter search results to the visitors based on age, income, location, and other demographics.

Paid Search Advertising (PSA)

Millions of users can reach your website with paid search advertising. It would depend on the quality of the ads. It might not be as straightforward as setting up a free account and running an organic campaign, though it surely helps rank higher in tune with the money invested. The Paid Ads usually appear either above or below the organic SEO results.

Digital Marketing experts often look at a combination of parameters to decide and choose between organic or inorganic (PPC) strategies.

  • At the outset - before any other considerations - experts insist on a great website. Our Digital Marketing and SEM professionals can transform efforts into desirable results for businesses.
  • From the vast scope of the online domain and powerful tools and digital platforms at the disposal of marketers, SEO and PPC are most likely to complement each other in the long run.
  • Gauging user expectations and raising the bar for customer delight helps kick off a successful search marketing strategy while choosing between SEO and PPC.

Search Engine Marketing at Engro

Engro leverages the relevant tools and procedures to drive a prolific and successful SEM strategy. Our professionals understand the nuances of Search Marketing results and the need to utilize the right resources at the ideal time. We consult around Paid Search Advertising and aligned digital paid campaigns such as Ad Words to help clients realize success with value for money. Engro thereby offers a drastic scope for an ideal SEM roadmap to reach virtual customers by leveraging an ideal SEM approach.

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