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Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing involves continuous interaction with customers on social media channels – plus where and how often the visitors are marked. A well-crafted social media campaign revolves around resource utilization, advertising budgets, competitor statistics, technical know-how, and channel effectiveness into consideration.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing: Strategy

A well-drafted plan helps build a sustainable Social Media Marketing plan and turn around the impact to propel the business forward through active conversions.

  • 1. Build Personas

    Analyze personas and buyer behavior – including seasonal preferences and specific choices. Elaborate on the people that constitute your audience, and think about the options you have for them. It helps map and translate the traits into effective personas – and the content that goes.

  • 2. Select the social media channel

    Select the most effective yet flexible social media platform to run marketing campaigns. It boils down to the maximum visitors on a platform - that turn out to be potential buyers. For instance, a primarily 'millennial' audience would mean you have to align efforts around the Instagram handle.

  • 3. Create content for real-time engagement

    Build content that is unique and appealing – thereby engaging the audience, from the word go. In this direction, our social media marketing efforts help you with creative content that beats competition from rivals. Share features or offers that promise takeaways or early-bird discounts.

  • 4. Finalize timeline for postings

    Line up posts based on objectives, tone of the message, and desired intensity. A social media management solution would come in handy in developing captions, applying filters, setting the multimedia effects, and pre-setting the accurate timestamp for the scheduled post.

  • 5. Measure the Outcomes

    Analyze the impact and measure the results with in-house or custom social media analytics. We help clients with intuitive social media campaign analytics that deliver accurate insights around targeted campaigns. This way, we enable the review and management of metrics across each social platform.

    Engagement:A summative number that reflects the number of clicks, likes, replies, and comments on the post

    Followers:The number of people clicking the Follow button to keep up with all updates and news feeds concerning the product

    Shares:It measures the number of shares for a particular post that followers or subscribers would share across their network

    Impressions:Irrespective of clicks or hits, this metric reflects the number of times someone has just scrolled through a specific post

Optimizing Social Media Marketing across Channels

Selecting the right platform for social media marketing ads is crucial. Let us review some prominent channels and the ways each one is beneficial.

  • YouTube:

    For the start, emphasize creating and posting brief yet meaningful 'how-to' videos around the context of your offering. Advertisers often make the mistake of posting the very first video with the expectation of going viral. A well-explained video ought to reflect in search results.

  • Facebook:

    This is one of the most effective channels as the audience spans potential geographies, age groups, and niche markets. The Facebook Business Fan Page drives outreach and improves communication with the target audience. Smooth navigation and a well-designed layout are effective.

  • Twitter:

    Using the Twitter handle can be exciting as well as challenging. Make formal announcements about schemes, discounts, product features, and surprises the customer looks forward to. Answer people’s queries within the character limit – it pays off!

  • LinkedIn:

    Though the platform stands out for the professionals, social media posts with industry-focus and compatible B2B recommendations make a meaningful impact. It is also effective in posts about CSR activities and prospects for filling out the vacuum in competitive talent.

  • Paid Promotions:

    Unlike the conventional free-to-use channels, paid forms of Social Media Marketing often involve agencies and third parties to run campaigns for the business. By accomplishing the right balance between the costs incurred and the potential benefits, paid promotions can target a larger audience with a higher value for money.

Social Media Marketing at Engro

With newer methods and Best Practices in Social Media Marketing, our experts clearly define a roadmap and effective strategy for targeted campaigns. Our professional expertise will help leverage maximum possible benefits right through content creation, managing effectiveness of campaigns, and understanding and reviewing outcomes in terms of real-time analytics. Our teams also understand the long-term strategy to sustain social media campaigns towards beating competition and increasing revenues from niche segments.

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