Maintenance and Support

Market conditions and changing usability and features require consistent mobile app Maintenance & Support. Mobility professionals having deep expertise in iOS, Android, and other mobile development platform technologies also excel across maintenance, updates, and continuous support to keep the target audience and potential buyers engaged.

Mobile App Maintenance and Support

Mobile App Maintenance and Support: Functions

From code maintenance to re-assessment of app performance following an upgrade, our dedicated team of resources adheres to industry benchmarks in mobile app maintenance and support. We constantly monitor applications and notify them about imminent issues curtailing performance and help with timely resolution.

  • 1. Bug Fixes:

    A mobile app increasingly faces stringent regulations to feature on AppStore. Our maintenance experts help sort the hurdles in meeting AppStore guidelines by applying workable fixes

  • 2. Feature Upgrades:

    Expand business possibilities and offer added value to mobile users by easily integrating new features and any aligned patches or upgrades if required

  • 3. Application Security:

    Update and re-assess security tools with underlying documentation to avoid and overcome threats as part of complete mobile app maintenance and support

  • 4. Library Updates:

    Release of system libraries to improve the scope of application stack periodically - aimed at utilizing them to the best of business advantage

  • 5. Load Speeds:

    A full-fledged mobile app maintenance process also ensures new updates do not slow the app down – thereby ensuring same speed and persistence

Maintenance and Support Needs

It is essential to cater to long-term as well as short-term mobile app maintenance needs. We address your requirements in this direction and help the mobile app dynamically update with changing customer needs and evolving mobile user expectations.

Post-Upgrade Stability Assess your app changes in software to bypass technical issues in terms of security and consistency with new features

New Hardware Support for introduction of new versions of hardware and device designs to help deliver the best possible user experience

Data Migration From a real-time perspective, mobile applications handle data from legacy or even stand-alone systems. Seamless migration with successful maintenance ensures minimum downtime

Industry regulations Newer policies are usually aimed at safeguarding consumer interests while making profits. App makers must continuously monitor and ensure any deviations are fixed for complete adherence

Mobile App Maintenance Approach

A 360-degree mobile app maintenance and support services portfolio helps businesses transform performance and help deliver advanced features bundled with real-time offers or benefits. This ultimately helps conversions and fixes attrition or bounce rates. Mobile app development specialists and key industry experts underline usability and ergonomic design apart from savvy or attractive appearance.

  • Reap competitive benefits by beating rivals in the target mobile app user segment
  • Increase customer base by improving app performance and delivering added value
  • Enable transactions on the go with custom-built app and dedicated 24 x7 support
  • Support professionals with specialized knowledge of frameworks and environments
  • Maintenance roadmap for post-migration and security patches for sustained app support

Engro Mobile App Maintenance & Support

Our mobile application support and maintenance follows outlined procedures for consistent support towards novel as well as custom mobile applications for businesses. With the digital consumer in perspective, our mobile app competency focuses on regular maintenance and support for the client app underlying code, performance, and improvement of features with increasing customer expectations. Leverage Engro services for cutting-edge mobile app maintenance and support for short-term as well as long-term sustenance.

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