OTT Application Deployment

A purposeful OTT Deployment considers few crucial elements – spanning Monetisation, Licensing/Ownership, Analytics, stack-level codebase for Live vs. VOD content; and effective Customer Onboarding. Engro caters to diverse and futuristic OTT Application deployment with code deployment requirements for transitioning to the OTT. Few OTT platforms – operating as all-in-one video streaming solution providers – have specific deployment needs.

OTT Application Deployment Services

OTT Deployment Approach

Besides operational constraints, Engro OTT Application deployment experts chart a roadmap to facilitate seamless deployments with guaranteed business continuity. Our deployment consultants follow a ‘pace layering’ approach – ideal for mission-critical business needs. For instance, in the case of a digital entertainment ecosystem, it could be the choicest formats and codecs – rather than supporting one and all at a go.

Agile OTT Application Deployment

Select the most appropriate OTT deployment platform to deploy VOD streaming and content syndication tools that also fit the internal ecosystem and key IP network protocols. It also effectively frees up resources at the client endcloud-migration-main.svg to focus on core business goals.

OTT Application Deployment Feasibility

We have leveraged dedicated resources to pilot around video streaming requirements, in addition to licensing and distribution protocols. Also, on-cloud OTT components can variably scale up or down with changing priorities – with micro-services-powered containerisation.

1. OTT Deployment Roadmap:

Our resources assess the current IT infrastructure and data transformation and storage capabilities and the technical scope of modernisation towards confirming the deployment roadmap. We enable rapid deployments for meta-data and video-driven cache and content enablers from legacy to the OTT system; to address data-driven needs and on-demand agility.

2. OTT Application Strategy:

Engro OTT deployment practices confirm with careful management of every aspect of deployment from assessment and planning of core on-demand video platform needs, monetisation potential, and feasibility and needs analysis if multiple cluster architectures are required.

We help with underlying spending and the level of support required for regaining customers with value-added propositions around modern-day Digital Entertainment needs.

  • Seamless OTT Deployment towards ultra-low latency and diverse OTT content rights/protection norms
  • Deploy real-time analytics customer engagement and experiences drilled down to each specific segment
  • Ideal deployment investments aimed at optimising content protection and end-viewer delivery choices
  • OTT infrastructure management and support by deploying the right tools and processes down the line
  • High-end OTT capabilities to merge subscriber accounts, payment gateways, and on-demand schedules

Frequently Asked Questions

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OTT platforms also offer the provision for brand promotion via distribution control. In line with this, we can enable the deployment of broadcasters to leverage custom video players to streamline viewing experience that is consistent with the label or branding.
Similarly, it allows the deployment of purpose-driven APIs with streaming from niche video distributors.

With advanced cloud-driven capabilities, most streaming platforms can transcode video content to avoid piracy and licensing thefts.
The videos across different formats are stored on cloud-based servers and accessed by on-demand subscribers with the help of re-convertible and secure transfer video codecs.

Amazon and Netflix are some of the enablers or OTT service providers. A broadcaster is a channel or production house that intends to deploy its viewing platform with the help of large providers, thereby taking care of content format, storage, adaptive playback, and delivery to secured end-users.
On the other hand, certain OTT providers also onboard subscribers looking for discounts and seasonal offers – in addition to running targeted ads focused on platform-specific users.

With on-cloud OTT deployment, an enterprise might have the option of just submitting their videos to the OVP platform they have invested in. Paid viewers then access the content based on specific subscription modes. It would save on infrastructure costs and help brands fulfil core business objectives.

Engro Enabling Rapid OTT Deployments

Our OTT Center of Excellence consistently adheres to provisions and norms for OTT Deployment operations with the latest collaborative tools and processes to ensure real-time data insights. The Technology Services firm also enables rapid turnaround time powered by a realistic OTT Deployment roadmap. We consistently follow custom development and deployment towards fulfilling client needs with an eye on market dynamics. Our deployment priorities also consider clients’ advertising revenues and collaborative partnerships across on-demand and VOD ecosystems. Our OTT deployment experts can effectively address the deployment needs of video platforms and streaming providers.

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