OTT Application Implementation

OTT platforms of different sizes and genres carry unique implementation needs, along with the emphasis on enabling futuristic digital entertainment capabilities. An ideal implementation cycle would improve the business prospects and yield returns on the OTT investments made – driving technology cost-efficiency and associated business outcomes.

OTT Platform Implementation Services

Implementation Roadmap

We have built OTT competency that understands your OTT implementation challenge based on deep feasibility analysis. The full-cycle implementation will help save costs and eliminate disparate project redundancies down the line. It helps viewers or consumers optimize budgets for their entertainment needs; and handpick custom packages.

Implementation Feasibility

Besides operational constraints, Engro helps clients and valuable customers chart a roadmap to facilitate seamless implementations across cloud-based and SaaS subscription models. We offer custom implementations - that drive live event coverage, pay-per-view, content rentals, and options for video playback modes.

1. OTT Implementation Scope:

Our OTT implementation encompasses management of each implementation task from Smart TV, Mobile Devices, Tablets, or Desktops – irrespective of the hardware the user has chosen. The Engro implementation team also helps leverage in-ad traffic to viewing platforms such as YouTube.

2. Implementation Use-Cases:

OTT players can opt for the most compatible OTT implementation with constant innovation. The project deliverables help platforms attract new-age viewers that look out for new viewing dimensions of interest - with every experience at regular time-interval.

Our technical prowess helps sustain your innovation and accelerate growth with OTT implementation journeys –leveraging newest infrastructure and tools for streamlining and sharing content. With syndication of content, one base platform empowers OTT providers to beam content on diversely associated platforms.

  • Align platforms and tools to hit the target audience yearning for a well-knit and wholesome OTT experience
  • Program management and robust methodologies to implement and drive cross-platform OTT compatibility
  • Reimagining capabilities with a multi-faceted distribution strategy with DTH and telecom operators of choice
  • Mutual benefits with cross-platform streaming and options for subtitling and editing across viewer segments
  • On-board subscribers for Premium content to accelerate ROIs for infrastructure providers & digital players

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Click a question below to view the answer.

Broadcaster-driven content is distinguished safely from a repository of content that manifests in the form of video libraries. It thus uniquely identifies itself from the bulk of copyrighted content that broadcasters are stringent about safeguarding ownership.

Mostly, musical shoes or segments have a shorter session for time-conscious viewers. However. OTT Broadcasters also ensure the shortening of streaming movie times by cutting down on trivial ad interruptions to optimize the consumption time of movie-viewers.
This provision is also enabled by ‘access anytime, anywhere’ and ‘watch where you paused’ features.

To have a successful implementation strategy, thought leaders closely follow the growth pattern of the OTT industry. It subsequently helps them understand the impact of a well-crafted implementation – in terms of marketing the platform and keeping the viewer's expectations at large.

The potential for user consumption helps in planning out an implementation. Further, content categories, SVOD/AVOD configuration, gaming options, prime time ad slots, subtitling, subscriber options, and in-app streaming also determine the same.
Please talk to us, whether you wish to launch an exclusive OTT platform or need help choosing an ideal OTT service provider.

Engro Scalable OTT Options at Engro

Engro consistently adheres to provisions and norms for OTT Implementation and Implementation with the latest collaborative tools and processes to drive on-demand video streaming and accelerate the growth of OTT platforms and service providers – delivering on a precise yet flexible implementation roadmap. We excel in a unique approach to satisfying client needs with robust implementation methodologies that align with thought leadership and helps clients accomplish the transformational edge required to deliver content seamlessly and effortlessly across the subscriber base.

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