OTT Application Integration

As the spectrum of Digital Entertainment options broadens, the scope of on-demand viewing expands, it is essential to focus on eliminating silos in hardware and the systems that drive today’s OTT platforms - irrespective of the bottlenecks around the specific hardware or network constraints. We overcome challenges in integration with the genuine feasibility analysis and root-cause approach.

OTT Platform Integration Services

OTT Integration Needs

As consumers access content over different devices, it becomes a challenge to integrate across video formats and network sources. As linear TV no longer remains relevant, the segment of young consumers is looking forward to streamed video formats. It also becomes vital to address integration requirements across platforms and architectures.

OTT Systems Integration

Engro specializes in mission-critical OTT integration needs and facilitates setting up CDN integration with underlying providers for a seamless integration experience. This optimizes resource consumption, reimagines essential components, and helps eliminate disparate systems to deploy and run well-integrated cloud-driven OTT hardware and systems.

Our Integration Expertise

We approach each integration challenge with a desire to fulfill the vision of thought leadership and align integration deliverables across all strategic parameters.

1. Integration Elements:

Crucial OTT drivers include video format compatibility, resolving latency time issues, and optimal usage of IP networks for content transfer. Our integration experts are well-versed with integration standards across CDN workflow systems that regulate and control access to media content flow.

2. Integration Methodology:

We understand the nuances of migrating around diverse OTT assets and architectures – thereby allowing a rich choice of integration options that go with current system needs and the passion to reform OTT platforms.

  • Scalable integration with keen integration of the OTT business model adopted by partner platforms
  • Integration of monetization tools and resources for monitoring of ad impact with streamed media
  • Platform-centric end-points and API integrations wherever required to scale up streaming efficiency
  • Elimination of cross-platform issues, excess buffering, and ad-hoc maintenance due to downtime
  • Crucial updates on subscriptions, renewals, seasonal shows, and alerts from OTT partner integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

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It is a household-level targeting with the scope for combining OTT and CTV with significant optimization capabilities. This allows OTT players to maximize outreach and connectivity using ads integration with location-based precise coordinates.

We integrate towards Client-Side Ad Insertion as well as Server-Side Ad Insertion, to streamline ad efficiency and activate key promos both ways. It optimizes ad spends and regulates infrastructure costs.

Certain players Integrate must-complete ad formats with full-stream mechanisms as opposed to promos that can be jumped over by the user. When video ads are streamed in full, they are much likely to consolidate mutual brand awareness.

As a competency frontrunner in OTT, we partner with clients seeking to leverage cross-channel campaigns by integrating capabilities to run promos across social media, video, Smart TV, and associated native apps.
Please talk to our OTT integration experts concerning precise integration needs for OTT platforms.

Engro Integrate at Ease

With prolific expertise and a deep understanding of OTT system needs, we identify the right components to integrate for a seamless experience. It ultimately helps OTT providers offer the best-in-class entertainment, superior performance, and customer satisfaction aligned with well-integrated analytics. With a consistent and seamless data transition strategy, OTT Integration experts can effectively accomplish long-term scalability. It combines with powerful Analytics using efficient data capture across well-integrated OTT platforms. Or resources help in building and deploying well-integrated platforms true to the business expectations and entrepreneurial thought leadership.

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