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OTT Platform Development Company

With evolving entertainment options for the tech-savvy, digital audience is on the lookout for on-demand streaming options over robust networks with the choicest providers. Engro has carved a niche in the OTT space, enabling on-demand video creators and distributors to stream some of the most value-driven content for end-viewers.

OTT Platform Development Company

OTT Platform Development Services

OTT App Consulting Services
OTT Application Consulting

We follow and ensure quality-driven OTT Consulting and engage clients towards achieving their business vision for selecting or deploying most viable OTT platform. Our consulting team helps you save costs and maximize efficiency

OTT Application Implementation Services
OTT Application Implementation

An ideal implementation cycle would improve the business prospects and positive business outcomes and greater ROI with robust implementation. It drives the best-in-class OTT choices for all the diverse digital viewer segments

OTT Application Integration Services
OTT Application Integration

With a consistent and seamless operational strategy, our Integration experts effectively help with all your OTT initiatives. Our teams are able and competent to accomplish unmatched & exceptional ease across integration needs

OTT Application Migration and Upgrade Services
OTT Application Migration and Upgrade

Our OTT migration and upgrade experts ensure your systems and processes are in tandem with enterprise-wide goals. We help save costs on each and every upgrade, and deliver value for money with upcoming OTT migrations

OTT Application Deployment
OTT Application Deployment

Our deployment experts drive OTT reform and accelerate growth by leveraging the tools for streaming cutting-edge content; as well as meeting compliance for industry-standard, robust and secure deployment methods & practices

OTT Application Maintenance and Support
OTT Application Maintenance and Support

Engro offers a diverse range of options for continuing support beyond the conventional deployment or migration process to a specific OTT platform. It ensures scalability coupled with a long-term OTT maintenance and support

Re-Imagining Next-Gen OTT


Conventional digital entertainment platforms are seen revamping their systems to offer wholesome OTT on-demand content and viewing experience.

  • Smart options and menu controls to select the best video categories and rendering formats
  • Social media buttons and conversion analytics for in-app advertising and intermittent promos
  • Subscription models with robust OTT apps powered with cloud network storage capabilities
  • Increased outreach to niche viewers across mobile and web platforms with intelligent choices
  • Integrated subscription plans and payment modes for renewals, opt-ins, and added genres

OTT Analytics and Diagnostics

Our clients and partners leverage deeper insights into OTT behaviour data and specific audience demographics – thereby offering a sneak-peek into individual viewing patterns. A typical vendor also offers reliable application diagnostics to monitor OTT content distribution with ad management, analytics, subscriptions, and OTT controls. It also streamlines content with bug-free delivery and eliminates any malicious threats.

OTT and new-age technologies

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help capture real-time patterns and help in profiling the audience. A pre-determined content usage pattern helps companies achieve personalization by collating data on volume and genres of content and target programs in preferred language and time-slot based on user consumption. It also allows for sub-titling, transliteration, and beaming regional versions of original productions.

Robust OTT platforms Development

It is now possible to offer an entire content library for a wholesome subscription rather than pushing the choice based on ad revenue – a plus for viewers. As an Over-The-Top model does not involve satellite networks, the prospects of revenue generation and ads differ at large. It helps drives analytics and in-app recommendations based on powerful user-driven insights. We are definitely in the line for revolutionising cutting-edge content distribution.

We integrate Ingestion, Syndication Tools, Billing, and CRM Management into the vendor OTT platform to drive performance, reduce costs, and develop a platform-agnostic experience that enhances an end-to-end experience. In this direction, we look at the following three components:

1. Content Syndication

Delivering personalised content over new-age OTT networks, content syndication enables the re-streaming of selected content on third-party platforms with the potential to garner more TRPs.

2. Ingestion Automation

World-class OTT platforms now control risk and failures with planned ingestion automation, which involves content asset management; purging, and caching to optimize workflow across endpoints.

3. API Integration

With robust API management and churning data on viewership insights, it makes for a pleasant viewing experience of their favorite shows with superior OTT-driven mobility and safe protocols across devices.

Ad Streamlining

With AI capabilities, OTT providers can intelligently comprehend how to manage or eliminate ‘ad waste’. Internet-held devices have allowed service providers to ramp up sales, as users might make an impulse purchase aligned with the viewing experience. Digital content consumers would love to have streaming everywhere – be it smart TV latched on a wall or mobile devices.

Optimizing Ads

We build and integrate rich product features for OTT on-demand providers with top-notch targeted delivery, safe viewer onboarding, and swift payment plans based on recurring or one-time subscription models. Our team is capable of effective product integrations with deep expertise in setting up cloud-based integrations for the network provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

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As you begin your pilot project on the mobile-exclusive OTT platform - and subsequently think of creating an exclusive web-based one, potential costs would escalate. So, the best idea is to initiate multi-faceted development at the outset.

In some cases, users can register through Social Media buttons, while specific OTT developers require users to furnish minimum requisite details during app onboarding. However, easy onboarding comes with a user-friendly process.

Audio, Video, VoIP, and Messaging are four major content types when it comes to OTT. With demanding viewership needs and refined choices of niche smart tech-savvy viewers, the video OTT has become the center of attraction.

At Engro, our specialized OTT Development resources are well-versed in JavaScript, Python, Backend MVC Integration, Kotlin, Ngnix Server (Video Streaming), and REDIS (Video Compressing). A comprehensive tech stack allows building a personalized content library with playback options across devices.
Please contact us to explore more about niche-level expertise. Our functional and technical OTT domain experts shall be happy to resolve your queries.

Engro: Innovating OTT experiences

We are passionate about building, delivering, and sustaining an OTT business model. Engro helps translate your ideas from the word go into an ideal roadmap. Our OTT experts and domain specialists fulfill your expectations at each stage of UI/UX, modeling, design, system integration, and OTT model sustainability. Reach out to our experts in building your OTT app, or integrate the legacy application to drive on-demand content streaming capabilities. Our sustainable and hybrid models leverage optimum resource utilization and intelligent planning to help deliver a personalized OTT experience.

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