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Applications Maintenance and Support Services

When software is created and goes live, complexities usually pop up with real-time usage. The junk of code is transforming – or at least showing some dynamic behaviour – as long as it is in use. As long as the software application is operational, it calls for continuous monitoring and regular tracking of issues and correcting those.
The Software Maintenance and Support activities go far beyond just locating or fixing bugs. Engro has built teams across diverse maintenance requirements across applications, architectures, and client-server support models.

Applications Maintenance and Support Services

Maintenance Strategy

An ideal strategy optimises resources and maintains uptime throughout the maintenance period. It also considers the costs incurred against the corrective impact of the maintenance; to bring in cost-effectiveness with the intended issue resolution or performance upgrade. Our realm of services is device-agnostic - spanning desktop, mobile, and all handheld terminals.

Maintenance Services Scope

With a blend of deep expertise and a customer-centric approach to application maintenance, we offer an effective maintenance solution across several areas - adding scope for ad hoc features, improving application functionality, and debugging. The spectrum of maintenance and support services would ultimately help enterprises improve ROI, reduce costs, mitigate potential threats, and streamline overall application maintenance budgets.

Modes of Maintenance

Engro helps ensure Quality at each stage of software delivery, deployment, installation, and support. We offer specialised support in fixing bugs, eliminating cosmic faults, and upgrading the scope of maintenance - wherever required or feasible.

  • 1. Corrective Maintenance

    Addressing and fixing logical errors, user interface bugs and design bottlenecks, and programming (core development) errors. Engro addresses all the inherent errors or risks efficiently.

  • 2. Adaptive Maintenance

    Helps address data type mismatch or compatibility issues such as language, Date/Time Zone, and Support Utilities specific to the region. Our team offers requisite translational or transformational maintenance.

  • 3. Preventive Maintenance

    Based on feedback and review logs on product performance and most likely issues that occur, our Predictive Maintenance experts can predict the risks in performance and close gaps well in advance.

Maintenance and Support Roadmap

Our experts conduct a feasibility study of the enterprise to identify precise maintenance needs and draw a roadmap that facilitates the closure of all underlying issues. Throughout different phases, we ensure a service-oriented culture and efficacy of customer handling. Identifying potential points of vulnerabilities in code also helps customize long-term Application Support.

Customer-Centric, Responsive, and Regular

Support is an essentially continuous process of addressing concerns and identifying root causes for deviations with long-term and cost-effective problem resolution. Support function also usually goes hand-in-hand with maintenance – and involves constant follow-up, review, and regular responses to customer queries for the functioning of software or its key components.

Support-driven Business Transformation

Disrupt IT Application and Development with A comprehensive list of to-do guides and support manuals along with proactive maintenance and support schedules for fixing, enhancing, and end-user support training.

  • Improve customer satisfaction with improved performance and attain desired performance levels.
  • Updated maintenance checklists for modules or software assets of a specific tool or application
  • Reduce operational costs by maintaining well-performing assets with regulated transformation
  • Boost maintenance cycles with realigned processes to address futuristic transformational needs
  • Optimize Change Management maintenance schedules to leverage crucial tech-driven innovation

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our support resources guarantee resolution of issues to the maximum potential - based on software warranty for a specified timeline. Our team delivers on trust and handles tickets raised at customer touch-point to its closure.

Addressing infrastructure or issues around automation, we plan a maintenance strategy based on step-by-step algorithms. It addresses core issues that speed up performance and efficiency.

We can display the progress in a development environment without actually going live by deploying a website copy temporarily. As is the norm, after the approval, the incorporated updates would reflect on your go-live domain.

Our maintenance options offer anything from website upgrades, plug-ins, fixing migration issues, deployment code discrepancies, and advanced client-server network issues over the on-premise or cloud, and more.

Why Engro?

With new-age dynamic requirements for cutting-edge performance, and a focus on a customer-centric approach, our maintenance and support initiatives emphasize addressing pain points. With deep technical expertise and the knack to listen to customer queries, we respond and escalate with pre-defined levels of communication L1 and L2 support based on the complexity. Our know-how of minute technical and operational aspects of performance and software stability help Engro attain competitive results across the spectrum of Maintenance and Support activities. Engro architects and engineers liaise with support teams to gather requirements, plan the transition, and test enhancements towards a fully maintained application.

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