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Connected Devices Services

As day-to-day customer experience raises its bar to the next level, connected devices will become the established order. From mobile to wearable devices and smart meters for utilities, the transformation has very much happened. Embedded chips to accurately monitor heartbeat and calories burnt will revolutionize fitness. The bottom-line – Connected devices will form the core of futuristic customer touch-points that will also help garner powerful analytics.

Connected Devices Services

Connected Devices: Making Life Easier

From smart-watches to Bluetooth headsets, tech-savvy users are always looking for capabilities enabled with Connected Devices. From a life sciences perspective, the millennial populace is looking for tips on a healthy meal, while fitness freaks enquire Siri instantly on a fitness routine. The Google Home, Siri, or Alexa bot is soon set to enter households as a priority resident.

Connected Devices Design

As connectivity revolves around physical hardware, the design involves gadgets and tangible components that constitute its machinery. In addition to designing electrical components and mechanical actuators or enablers, embedded software plays a crucial role. These are all ultimately made to function with RF protocols for driving connectivity.

  • Connected Devices Development

    We leverage existing technologies with an eye on clients’ new-age connected devices needs. Our development expertise ultimately ensures the connected devices’ platform delivers performance and scalability as your business transforms and innovates.

  • Connected Devices Feasibility

    Our consultants and engineers interact with stakeholders and potential owners to finalize the initial prototype. It depends on specific parameters like planned production volume and high-level architecture; vis-à-vis the manufacturing cost and one-time non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs.

  • Connected Devices Methodology

    Based on estimated time-frames for anticipated development, we iteratively decide the ideal approach. It encompasses equipment packaging, electronics design, RF signaling, embedding the requisite software, and appending sensors - all within the stipulated delivery schedules and cut-off timelines.

Collaborative and Creative

As we often collaborate with prominent suppliers and embedded components manufacturers, our development costs in connected space remain competitive.  Our IoT experts implement tiered algorithms to unlock raw data across different IoT systems, gateways, and endpoints to optimize cost and latency intervals.

Connected Gadgets: Security and Compliance

As the complexity of use-cases evolves and connected devices require stringent norms for optimal security, Engro can optimize your setup and field service operations for compliance and safety. These devices can swiftly share insights on safety metrics for risk-prone operations such as mines, oil fields, thermal pants, or energy reactors.

Connected Devices: Implementation

As accomplished with a host of valuable clients, our dedicated Connected Devices and IoT specialists collaborate with your on-shore personnel in translating requirements to complete execution. We also assist with maintenance manuals and statutory guidelines for a seamless installation. As part of continuous improvement following a quality-focused approach, our team would also help rectify bugs and eliminate compatibility bottlenecks across the connected platforms as and when they arise.

Connected Analytics

With real-time capabilities to transmit customer behavior and consumption patterns, businesses or brands will go beyond insights on revenues. The underlying IoT-or-Cloud-driven transformation will also help corporations identify value-addition, which features are the most prominent, and other complementary services and products bundled for customers down the line.

Engro Connecting Infinite Endpoints

As an ambitious and new-age technology firm, Engro offers core expertise in connected devices - across hardware systems, algorithm development, and systems engineering. Having a reputation for rapid design and development of complex systems, we enable you to leverage the maximum potential to delight end-customers with unmatched end-to-end connectivity that keeps functions and processes running. We thereby allow you to seamlessly innovate and disrupt with digital transformation using ultra-smart connected platforms of tomorrow.

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