Quality Assurance

 Quality Assurance Services

Enterprises seek to collaborate with a consistent Quality Assurance and Testing strategy vendor for meeting their software development, as all well as Quality Assurance needs. It aims towards continuously reviewing pieces of code and fixing recurrent bugs or errors. Engro employs healthy QA practices based on the principles of Scrum and the most modern Agile process build-up.

 Quality Assurance Services
API Testing
API Testing

Build and integrate well=performing APIs with reliable testing. A framework with consistent APIs free of malfunctions can drive data-centric components for positive user experience that is seamless - along with minimal failures

Automation Testing
Automation Testing

Automate pre-defined use-cases with functional perspective of combining avoiding repeated or monotonous test runs. Our experts and analysts decide on the bug-fixing schedules along with the feasible automation testing plans

OTT Testing
OTT Testing

Ensure streaming platforms render world-class OTT services by testing the underlying enablers, media formats, current architecture, and ideal bandwidth over the provider network – fixing anomalies and troubleshooting issues

Security Testing
Security Testing

Recommended testing to write off malicious code and prevent threats from hackers and intruders. Secure the software or application from fraudulent users and authorize access under applicable scenarios and real-time test-cases

Database Testing
Database Testing

Prepare test plans focused at database testing across field values and schema. Prepare comprehensive test reports and debug anomalies and normalize relations for smooth query operations across complex multi-tier environments

Performance Testing
Performance Testing

Test across applications for the scope of workload mix and capacity for concurrent handling of active users logged on the portal in real-time. A dry run of tests ahead of the load testing delivers accurate and reliable results

QA: Principles and Practices

With more clients looking for cutting-edge software performance, Quality Assurance experts pursue continuous process monitoring activities with detailed project metrics and process improvement plans.

Our Quality Assurance experts understand the importance of making code robust to bring in changes with the various stages of development. It helps in iterative development – as and when there is a realignment of the design, workflows, and functional UI.

Quality Assurance: Key Functions

Quality Assurance professionals at Engro have proven expertise in project audit, life-cycle documentation, and process documents regularly. These include regular audits, inspections, and reviews to fix non-conformances. It would ultimately refine product features, helps iterations, and optimize delivery schedules.

QA Automation

In automated QA environments, requirements are translated to test automation scripts and cases for eliminating errors and minimal redundancies.

The Need for Automation

While it is significant to test across boundaries of an application, it is not possible to automate each scenario. However, test automation is advisable once there is a consistent user flow on a stable platform. The most essential objective of running automation test scenarios is repeatability.

  • Reverse-engineer data-driven test models and identify key reusable components of code
  • Prioritizing testing scenarios around the components and workflows leading to delivery
  • Merge traditional QA and monitoring with an Automated Test pipeline in CI/CD context
  • Fulfilling Quality benchmarks with pinpoint metrics that help release superior products
  • Effective custom-code development with process documentation and stage tracking

Custom Mobile App Development

A tech-first approach combined with commitment towards growth story leads us to build custom mobile apps across Android and iOS. Our resources are capable of developing, testing, and deploying mobile for critical new-age business needs.

  • Understanding real-time scenarios and converting to wire-frames for mobile app development
  • Full-stack development using newest tools for building progressive apps for the mobile end-user
  • Collaborative mobile application development leveraging superior and stable technology stacks
  • Effective ideation and scrums prior to development for greater transparency and success rate
  • Custom mobile apps for online marketplaces that look at growth with newest digital innovation
  • Inclusive mobile app services beyond development through testing, maintenance, and support

Quality Assurance: Benchmarks

We combine and assimilate the proven practices in Agile-driven principles at each stage of Quality Assurance in software engineering. It encompasses steady interaction and collaboration among Development and Operations teams. Engro has set challenging QA benchmarks across validation, development, deployment, integration - up to the final build.

  • 1. Low-code

    Functional consultants work together with QA professionals for highly scalable end-deliverables – in a fraction of the time frame compared to conventional development methodology. It is essentially found in robust mobile application development with drag-and-drop tools in a visual environment.

  • 2. Accelerated QA Timelines

    We offer rapid enablers for QA and testing cycles for all custom development needs. It entails overall scope scrutiny, stakeholder commitment besides comprehensive code reviews, test plans, and bug-fixing schedules. Automated test reports can validate the functionality of interfaces against specification criteria.

  • 3. Application Modernization

    In the long term, Quality Assurance plays a vital role in using existing code to innovate to a modern-looking upgraded, interactive, and customer-centric solution. It is dependent on managing API components – continuously adding and testing the same. It helps identify critical issues along the path to transformation.

Quality Assurance and CI/CD Paradigm Shift

With changing needs and evolving testing approaches, automation scenarios accommodate real-time mission-critical updates; through development, deployment, and support. Reducing costs and minimizing complexity are significant benefits tied to the DevOps approach.

Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration more often than not run in parallel. With Continuous Integration, Quality Assurance experts can detect and ultimately fix errors more quickly and streamline efficiency across the development environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Click a question below to view the answer.

In some cases, UI automation can push QA engineers. When elements/control IDs do not keep consistent, writing iterative test cases is difficult.

A software development firm follows standards to ensure its offerings are free from defects. Regular Quality inspections help in the detection and resolution of problems; and delivery of error-free end-product to the customer.

For a Software Quality Assurance role, project plans, process documents, estimated and actual efforts; and knowledge of the platforms are essential. On the back-end, QA practitioners also deal with functionality requirements, API layer, run-time environment – and others.

Taking regular feedback from the customer is valuable for a long-lasting solution.

Unlike certain vendors that beat the timeline at the expense of quality, we, at Engro, work around a well-defined and documented ‘Acceptance Criteria’ that essentially drives our QA efforts. Please talk to our QA specialists for any further queries you have. We shall be happy to keep you updated.

Why Engro?

Engro consistently adheres to provisions and benchmarks outlined under standard Quality Assurance principles with the latest Quality Assurance tools and Best Practices, tuning with the paradigm shift using DevOps and agile. The Technology Services firm also helps clients achieve customer-centric goals consistent deliverables across different genres of Quality Assurance automation. As such, we have built a unique approach to standard project plans, documentation, and tracking schedules by adopting an Agile methodology. With a consistent and seamless strategy, the Quality Assurance framework offers the scope for several possible iterations to complete delivery in the minimal turnaround time.

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