Automation Testing

Automation Testing Services

Automation involves testing the performance of an application with eye on the expected outcome – using well-defined test scripts coded by developers. Testing tasks, that are too repetitive, are put to automation, for achieving consistency and desired flexibility. Automation thus involves the viable usage of machinery to control and automate testing tasks and generate reports on the entire automated testing activity.

Automation Testing Services

Automation Testing: Need and Scope

Developers and business analysts – along with automation experts – must decide on which stages or parts to automate in testing. It is not advised to automate the entire testing phases at once. For repetitive and monotonous tests, as well as those tests that require actions on multiple data sets, would preferably undergo automation. It is also advisable to choose automation testing when there is a risk of execution-level failure based on human error.

Automation Testing: Types

Based on the different objectives and desired goals, automated testing falls in certain specialized categories: It helps leverage most from the testing process and improves clarity on the approach for testing activities.

1. Integration Testing:

Integrated testing is essentially a bundled form of tests that enables comprehensive end-to-end testing with desired results, instead of subjecting individual application modules or components to distinct tests.

2. Automated Acceptance Testing (AAT):

Before a new feature is introduced, automated testing offers the potential to test whether the feature adds explicit value in real-time scenarios. It is closely associated with Behavior-Driven Development.

Automation Testing: Phases

Engro helps you leverage automation testing across enterprise and business needs. Our automation test expertise engages at each step or phase of the testing cycle.

Automation Tool Selection: Choose the ideal automation testing tool in line with testing scenarios

Automation Test Scope: Determine the scope of automation with a business-centric perspective

Automation Test Strategy: Define goals of automation in line with the relevant design and features

Automation Test Execution:Run the test scripts with the contribution of developers’ robust code

After the automation testing process is completed and testers sign off, it is possible to accomplish the benefits and derive advantages in terms of scalability and performance down the line.

  • In complex user-driven applications such as SaaS, part of the test scripts can be reused for consistency
  • Automated testing speeds up accuracy and ideally shortens the software development turnaround time
  • Human intervention gets minimal, and thereby frees up resources for core organizational IT requirements
  • Sustains development, release, and maintenance with collaboration among testing and distinct resources
  • Minimizes redundancies from manual testing and reimagines entire application from the customer viewpoint

Automate Testing @ Engro

With proven expertise in automation testing and timely completion of test scripts and associated phases and activities, our testing experts help accelerate the time-to-market and boost business prospects. We help customers manage their product life-cycle with ease, and work closely on common interests and goals. Our teams can collaborate on various facets of testing applications as well as individual components with ideal automation scripts and codebases. A successful track record in all phases of software development – including testing and maintenance – has enabled Engro become one of the preferred vendors in conventional software as well as new-age technology space.

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