Security Testing

Security Testing Services

As Best Practices in Software Testing keep evolving to address security concerns, analysts and testers are looking at specific aspects of testing modern applications – and security is one of those. It has lately become ultra-crucial to assess If the application is operationally safe and secure by conducting tests across code vulnerabilities and other imminent threats. It is in addition to outsider attacks from external networks – or whether even in-built features offer desired protection along with specific functionality. Engro offers custom solutions in security testing that deliver precise results with dynamic business application behaviors.

Security Testing Services

Security Testing: Key Considerations

  • Minimizes turnaround time and eliminates scope of errors with specific modes of security testing
  • Test results with real-time updates on code vulnerabilities and progress in fixing related issues
  • Enhanced quality of rapid testing along with CI/CD integrations around secure codebase testing
  • Accelerate implementation and user-level acceptance with elimination of bugs and malicious codes
  • Deploy production with improved scalability across tiered architectures without security concerns

Security Testing: The Codebase

When it comes to web applications that move across environments such as diverse client-server configurations, it is advisable to address code-level vulnerabilities at large.. With enhanced security features and bolt-on capabilities, some of these Web Application and API Protection solutions would eliminate threats as and when detected, say experts.

Application Security Testing: Static and Dynamic

Enterprises are now looking out for bundled test security solutions that can act as all-in-one packages to address and protect against attacks that are getting smarter by the day. The development of specialized procedures to test security-specific functionalities has been consistent. Experts outline three broad categories of security testing based on the dynamic or static mode of the application.

1. Static Security Testing:

Locate and correct application flaws without running dynamic or complex tools. It helps ascertain security parameters when the application is static.

2. Dynamic Analysis Security Testing:

Shortened as DAST, this procedure helps testers identify and analyzes vulnerabilities in web application code during execution.

3. Unit Security Testing:

It helps test each method or class of code as a unit to identify test requirements from a security perspective – with use of tools such as NUnit, CUnit, and JUnit.

Security Testing and DevOps

One of the challenges facing the new-age agile development approach involves testing for security. As it relies on a continuous deployment process, such a roadmap might expose vulnerabilities and code-level malfunctions down the line. The absence of manual testing and configuration also poses a critical challenge.

Test Automation for Security

Our expertise helps you tackle these risks with specialized security testing procedures during and after the crucial deployment phase. Essentially, automating test functions to incorporate a balance between security and performance does the trick, application maintenance experts underline.

Security Testing at Engro

Our experts can understand nuances in application deployment and migrations with security needs in perspective. With each step of the life cycle - code conversions, iterations, and deployments - our security experts play their part. We train our resources in identifying and fixing the issues in transitioning from legacy source code to upgraded cloud-based applications – secure and safe. We help with all of the security vulnerabilities that might arise while reimagining your business tiers and code-level integrations across the board.

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