Web Application Integration

Web applications require an exchange of real-time data among different applications to run businesses in real-time. It also identifies with the development of client-side applications and eliminating redundant data across enterprise business tiers. In specific scenarios where businesses leverage multiple hybrid environments – a mix of on-premises and on-cloud – a reliable integration process brings these environments to the same expected level of performance. Based on perceived risks, our DevOps and QA experts can track and evaluate code-level integration roadblocks.

Web App Integration Services

Web Application Integration: The Rationale

As outlined above, applications seek real-time connectivity between applications in terms of data exchange and validation of credentials or required decryption in real-time. In addition, an integration process delivers the best of modern cloud-based SaaS applications at one end; with enterprise BI or data analysis tools the organization places at the disposal of functional users at the other end.

Application Integration Framework

A framework enables hassle-free integration of application data and forms within the enterprise or external systems for greater scalability and performance. The process also aligns across disparate applications and eliminates data silos. Engro web app integration expertise extends across established vendors and third-party providers such as IBM or Mulesoft. Integration components enable the configuration or setup of pre-defined content to integrate.

  • Mapping logic to liaise between data entities based on schema of the migrated web application
  • Choose ideal operation to transform logic and aligned components to be mapped for integration
  • An integration framework is enabled with application connectors and helps eliminate manual efforts
  • Consistent liaison with APIs to achieve ideal integration that streamlines enterprise functions at large
  • High-end integration frameworks allow exchange of high-volume data among new-age AI/ML platforms

Web App Integration: Do it Seamless

An overall web app integration plan must incorporate and take care of the following crucial aspects for a hassle-free integration.

1. 160-degree integration view: A single panel or frame to keep track of the entire process flow in real-time

2. Graphical No-code UI: Simple drag and drop of integration components to aid in real-time debugging

Condensed Interface: An ideal web app integration enables the same interface for multiple use-cases

Continuous Monitoring: Interactive dashboard to let end-user control and monitor data streams

Custom Web App Integration:

Engro specializes in go-to integration needs by building scenario-specific custom pathways for integration to fulfill enterprise requirements.

  • Align entity-level pathways that ensure tracking web service calls and other query-language dependencies to accomplish integration with specific KPIs
  • While finalizing the sequence of integration, be specific on the type of datasets and language for exchange – thereby aligning the same along end-user query languages aligned to the application

Integrate web applications at Engro

From conventional database fixes to large-scale web app integrations, Engro excels across all projects with a commitment to the tech-first strategy. A rapid approach to integration in line with technical and operational feasibility enables data-oriented collaboration across and beyond the enterprise. We help businesses accelerate growth and disruption by using digital transformation with powerful and actionable analytics thriving with powerful web app integration and allied capabilities. Our services span beyond the usual integration solutions to scaling up with innovations for futuristic data-driven needs.

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