Case Study: Video Streaming App

Video Streaming App
Video Streaming App


An interactive social networking media platform that will host user generated content like videos, songs, images that can be shared with friends, followers, external applications. User should able to record, apply filters and upload the video and should be able to view the same with analytics.


Need a platform where users can

  • Upload videos/images with variety of dynamic filters.
  • Integrate videos with multiple existing sounds and also upload sounds.
  • Share videos/images and profiles to external social platforms and friends.
  • Apply filters to the videos/Images uploaded.
  • Present user with analytics of the content uploaded by him.
  • Platform to support high scalability and should be able to play the videos in minimum bandwidth.


  • User can upload videos and images and associate with various hashtags.
  • Manage the privacy of the entire content posted by the user and ability to block other users.
  • Provided an ability to add variety of effects to videos.
  • Provided a platform where user can also provide auditions for various shows.
  • Azure media services and Video Indexer capabilities to generate analytics.
  • Graph DB and NewSQL for highly scalable database.

Technology Used

  • Golang, Node JS for Backend functionalities.
  • Azure Cloud infrastructure and Media Services.
  • Android, React JS and IOS for mobile and admin application development.
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