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The desire to build native apps that facilitate work or make life easy for consumers and tech-savvy customers is not new. Create better software faster by abstracting and automating the development process with the low-code cloud platform – Mendix. The platform presents a flexible and developer-agnostic environment on criteria such as user know-how and coding expertise levels.

Mendix Development Services

Unique Development Experience

A low-code universal development platform like Mendix would help convert the legacy spreadsheet into a powerful in-house analytics app to drive informed decisions. It would probably be possible with the minimum IT intervention and minimal or even zero costs. The platform essentially offers built-in menus to help navigate and go about building an app to completion.

Native to the Cloud

The Mendix platform offers some magical native development capabilities for cloud deployments.

  • Engage developers with captivating fulfillment scenarios at interactive touch-points
  • Build the precise code around your desired business models and data schemas
  • A one-stop platform that enables context-aware and futuristic, intelligent apps
  • Build own development environment and drag-and-drop pieces of ready code
  • Supports agile methodologies for rapid integration of core systems and entities

Spreadsheets to Collaboration Apps

We observe a classic example of a spreadsheet that accommodates data across departments and functions, in addition to real-time updates on the suppliers, channel partners, and clients. One can initiate development for converting the spreadsheet to a full-time application, which aids decision-making for business leaders.

Tactical and Transformative

Build powerful applications with the resilient low-code platform, using provision to transform tools methodologies with dynamic requirements. Innovate around the sustainable platform with market-driven choice for native cloud development needs.

Consistency to the Core

Mendix is scalable and open enough across models, databases, and business applications. Its flexible code-base enables full-time integration of logic and entity-level business rules across the enterprise or system. No specialized cloud expertise is required; a functional know-how of Mendix is just enough to realign deploy code effectively.

Platform Integrity

As a robust and native cloud development platform, Mendix lets users experience and leverage integral benefits from the word go.

  • 1. Open-ended functionality

    Create a low-code application, thereby adding functionality as you scale up. The provision to add features is not restricted.

  • 2. Performance Evaluation

    Assess performance levels regularly, and incorporate iterations based on measured sentiment and constant monitoring.

  • 3. Built-In Governance

    The platform is self-regulated in terms of security and consistency. It cannot play with in-house IT administration rules and seeks authorization for deployment.

Re-imagine Critical Systems

Our Mendix experts can assist clients migrate to micro-services architecture to revamp critical systems – such as the supply chain system. It can potentially facilitate to drive and scale up aligned components and maximize end-customer engagement.

Intelligent Automation

The spark to innovate is everywhere, and there goes the Mendix platform. A best-fit approach combined with rapid development lets you build apps that drive process automation – by bringing systems, components, and human interfaces to enable enterprise-level automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Click a question below to view the answer.

Mendix adds users and developers of different levels of expertise. The sign-up process offers provision for developers and technical resources to share their proficiency levels and code-level craftsmanship

Based on the nature of the subscription, Mendix offers options to get oriented with the platform. These might either be classroom-based or in online/virtual mode. The ‘Mendix Academy’ is integrated into the platform to serve the purpose.

A ‘basic’ or Free Edition offers all flexibility to avail typical small-scale deployment environment and everything needed to build and deploy demos or low-volume apps. For accessing a full-cloud node to accommodate full-time code and lengthy SLAs in real-time, subscribers must upgrade to a ‘Paid’ edition.

Mendix offers long-term potential and scalability. As such, there is not any bar on the complexity or number of apps users build or deploy – irrespective of Enterprise Platform, Pro, or Free editions. Please reach out to us for any other queries on the Mendix platform.

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As a strategic partner, Engro offers value-driven services that encompass licensing, deployment, and renewal options with Mendix. Build powerful apps iteratively and overcome cost constraints while mitigating risks to ensure a scalable and futuristic application around native Cloud Development. As a partner for low-code development, we enabled clients achieve unmatched satisfaction levels with the Mendix platform.

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