Web Application Maintenance and Support

With evolving needs and techno-commercial requirements, technology thought leaders underline the significance of web application maintenance and support in an uninterrupted fashion. At times, maintenance and support also involve capability enhancement to upgrade collaborative tools and system workflows to handle the upcoming or varying market conditions.

Web App Maintenance and Support Services

Web Application Maintenance and Support: Expertise

As one of the emerging yet new-age technology services providers, Engro offers 360-web application maintenance & Support. Our expertise lies in handling multiple requests in addition to full-time monitoring of applications based on agreed terms. We deliver beyond the application to include dedicated customer support down the line.

  • 1. Code-level Maintenance:

    Keep an eye on the problematic code with functional testing, and that would help in refactoring underlying modules.

  • 2. Handling Bottlenecks:

    Monitor application performance and closely observe bottlenecks, and record maintenance logs to eliminate them.

  • 3. Ticket logs:

    Maintain logs to identify and work on priority issues to close tickets in line with business exigencies – with constant updates on tracking system that is publicly accessible.

Web Application Maintenance Services: Critical Checklist

Broken Links: Eliminate broken links for users to navigate around and avoid penalties from Search Engines

Backups:Maintenance schedules for regular data and file backups for a quick recovery in case of disaster

Form Testing:Critical Testing of user-level controls for improved anti-spam security with SQL injection queries

Speed:Accelerate web application with quicker loading and rendering of pages including all dynamic elements

Domain Services:Monitor and keep up with validity of domain registrations to avoid losing on potential conversions

Application Maintenance & Support: Essentials

Engro emphasizes several key elements to leverage from critical components of the web application and drive expected business agility.

  • App Performance Improvement: Continuous detection of vulnerabilities and issues with modern upgrades to improvise workflows and fix integration flaws for delivering end-user experience.
  • Custom Maintenance Schedules: Knowing Application Life-Cycle Management (ALM) with the right approach to adaptive maintenance and preventive application maintenance.
  • Capability Enhancement: It involves improving features of the application by applying patches and some improvements to the stable release version for removing anomalies.
  • Security Patches: For consistent performance and secure runtime execution – irrespective of the environment – apply the most feasible patches to web applications, thereby improving the security layer.
  • Platform-driven: Certain transitions in the platform or technology stack require maintenance updates so the codebase remains compatible with the machine architecture sustaining the entire transition.

Real-time Application Support

With consistent Support services for platforms and devices, we enable business applications to unlock maximum potential. We offer core support and escalation with coordinated L1 and L2 support facilities round the clock. From post-deployment assistance to delivering random fixes, -we ensure world-class web application Maintenance & Support.

Web Application Maintenance and Support at Engro

Sustain your web application with complete support and maintenance at the hands of professionals at Engro. Our expertise enables firms to minimize malfunctions, improve security, and upgrade to hassle-free performance with core benefits across the value chain. We understand pain points and critical support issues associated with web applications – and mobilize resources towards ideal issue resolution and fixing of bugs that restore faith and trust with our capabilities and innovative maintenance and support options at disposal.

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