OTT Application Migration and Upgrade

A smooth OTT Migration and Upgrade strategy follows a customer-focused approach and eye on the vision and long-term innovation and its outcomes. Migrate from any legacy platform to reimagine the OTT experience with upgraded infrastructure, cloud-based platform, or third-party environment to manage subscribers at ease.

OTT Platform Migration and Upgrade

OTT Upgrade Roadmap

Besides operational constraints, Engro helps clients and valuable customers chart a roadmap to facilitate seamless upgrades across cloud-based and hybrid OTT environments towards migrating meta-data, users, apps history, and payment records – essentially the entire platform. A seamless upgrade happens with an assessment of data transfer capabilities and the feasible technical scope around a tech-first OTT migration roadmap.

OTT Migration Pathway

Businesses can choose the most compatible OTT migration pathway to facilitate operational sustainability and address data silos and disparate systems. We can migrate existing content metadata with ease to support standards such as MRSS import/export for OTT migration.

Migration: Success Factors

We have leveraged dedicated resources to resolve your OTT migration puzzle based on deep feasibility analysis. Our migration plan considers the infrastructure costs and desired efficiency level to the migrated platform, thereby minimizing the latency time frame. Our Aligned Services, including Digital Marketing and SEO Services, help keep targeted OTT businesses at the top of the search engine results.

1. OTT Migration Roadmap:

We place the desired and realistic OTT roadmap to eliminate risks, reduce costs, comply with standards for optimizing and delivering on-demand content

2. OTT Migration Strategy:

Our OTT migration encompasses management of each upgrade task from assessment and planning of core IT resources combined with OTT expertise.

We help sustain your digitally-inspired growth with OTT migration journeys – comprising full-cycle OTT migration and upgrade plan that enables resource management to realize challenging business use-cases and customer journeys.

  • Scalable OTT migration roadmap with consolidated user subscriptions and critical data
  • Optimal migration for resource utilisation, latency time, network streaming requirements
  • Platform migration to enable dynamic CRM and CMS capabilities for futuristic needs
  • Reimagine processes around real-time payments and subscriptions history of subscribers
  • Scheduled upgrades based on the chosen OTT system database or utility platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

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Based on the feasibility roadmap, Engro drives migration to induce powerful analytics and reporting tools - around subscriber accounts, payments, and reconciliation data. We can help OTT providers upgrade to automated periodic (weekly) sales and customer data and inventory reports.

With bulk upload capability, custom drag-and-drop thumbnails, and the ability to group streaming content videos in a zip – content consumers and sharing groups are looking at scalable options. A successful migration would satisfy all these needs.

A survey by Cisco states that the online video segment will account for over 82% of consumer internet traffic by 2022 – a 15-fold increase in five years..

As modern and stable OTT platforms desire pay-wall protection coupled with encryptions, our full-cycle integration will fulfill precise needs. In addition, a standard upgrade to a versatile system would also prevent your content from piracy. Our SLAs with clients address the same.
Please reach out to us for further queries and post-migration support.

Scalable OTT migrations with Engro

Engro consistently adheres to provisions and norms for OTT Upgrade and Migration across modern AVOD, TVOD, and SVOD platforms to enable rapid migration for accelerating ROI, adding accounts, and accomplishing targeted growth. Our team also ensures quick turnaround time powered by a purposeful OTT Migration roadmap. We emphasize a smooth and easy migration for all platform and content needs – whether it is third party or proprietary development or migration needs.

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